North West Province Golf Union


Country District Inter Provincial Team

NWGU Selection Criteria

Country District Inter Provincial Team


1. A stroke average will be compiled from rounds played by players of the NWGU.

2. In order for a player to be considered for selection, the player must comply with the following:

   (a) A minimum of 10 rounds played from the following tournaments:

        All provincial open tournaments - 14

        S A Amateur Stroke Play

        Northern Amateur Stroke Play Championships

        National Teams Championships

        North West Closed

        North West Club Opens

   (b) The following events are compulsory:

         North West Open Stroke Play

         North West Closed Championship

3. In addition to the above, the following will be taken into consideration when the team is selected:

   (a) Performance in any other SAGA sanctioned tournament / event as well as overseas events.

   (b) Match play results from Inter Provincial Tournaments and the Scratch League.

   (c) Other relevant factors at the discretion of the Selection Committee such as code of conduct, golf etiquette and behaviour on and off the course.

The final selection of the team rests with the Selection Committee of the North West Golf Union and they may alter the selection criteria as published at their discretion at any time.